The medical practitioner should always take into account the risk / benefit ratio in the medical use of cannabis
Whereas the main contraindications concern:

  • Adolescents and young adults due to mental disorders that are greater during the completion of cerebral development;
  • Individuals with severe cardio-pulmonary disorders because cannabis use can cause hypo-tension but also hypertension, syncope and tachycardia;
  • Individuals with severe liver, kidney failure and subjects with chronic hepatitis C due to increased risk of developing or worsening a steatosis liver;
  • Individuals with a personal history of psychiatric disorders and / or family history of schizophrenia in how much cannabis can cause psychotic crises;
  • Individuals with a history of drug addiction and / or abuse of psychotropic and / or alcoholic substances;
  • Individuals with depressive manic disturbances;
  • Individuals in therapy with hypnotic drugs sedating, antidepressant or generally psychoactive as the cannabis can generate additive or synergistic effects;
  • Women who are planning a pregnancy or are pregnant or breastfeeding; In addition to the above-mentioned effects, it is important to emphasize that cannabis is a substance Immunomodulatory and its chronic use alters the homeostasis of the immune system.