Cannabis Medication Introduction

Cannabis plants intended for medicinal use are propagated by cloning, meaning that small parts of a so-called ‘mother-plant’ are cut off and stimulated to grow into whole plants. Also known as making cuttings, this same procedure is used by gardeners to multiply their favorite tomatoes, roses or grapevines. 

Cannabis medication must be reliable in order to be integrated in a normal active life: spending time with friends and family, going to work, driving a car, etc. 

It is sometimes said that cannabis is one of the most studied plants in the history of science. So far, well over 10.000 scientific papers have been published, discussing the medical use as well as abuse of cannabis. 
Already more than 500 chemical components - or constituents - have been identified in cannabis plants and products from all over the world. Most well-known are the cannabinoidsincluding the infamous THC. But many other groups of chemicals are also present, such as terpenes,
flavonoids and alkaloids.